Rest easy, little cat.

Last night, one of our kittens, Tulpo died.
He lived quite a short life (barely three months), but he sure made a mark in our lives. In my life.
See, he was a sweet, mischievous, but really nice cat…except for the occasional turds, but you know…

We tried our best to take care of him. I swear, it’s like, having a baby (although I never really had one)–like, you pour out so much of your heart and soul into this cat. Give him time. Feed him. Play with him. Plus, the fact that you’re with him everyday.

He was great, you know? He was really energetic…and then for some reason, he just stopped eating,s atrted getting thinner–and then just two days back, he was eating again and we had so much hope that he’s finally getting better. And yesterday, he was eating, too…and then…poof, just like that he became so weak. So weak he couldn’t even stand. We had to just lay him down, and we stayed beside him until his last breath. It was awful. It was…heartbreaking.

I know, he’s just a kitten. Barely even a cat. But still, he made our lives a little brighter, a little better. And for that, he’ll always be missed.

Rest easy, Tulpo. We’ll miss you. We already do. And you know we’ll take care of your siblings.

(May 16, 2013-July 31, 2013)