On PMS and Rescued Cats and the end of the month

So so so I’ve been PMSing recently and it’s just so not cool. I really hate this time of the month. Let me elaborate the reasons why.

  1. For the past couple of months, whenever I’m about to get my period,I get terribly sick. It could be a raging fever that just sprouts out of nowhere or coughing fits or the dreaded flu. Also, I’ve been experiencing Asthma attacks and it’s just really hard. (I just found out I’ve been having Premestrual Asthma and that it’s common for those who have Severe Asthma conditions).
  2. It’s just sooooo hot. I don’t mind the cold much but when it’s hot, I just…feel so cranky and it’s so hard to do things when it’s hot. 
  3. I swear I feel like a pregnant woman whenever I’m PMSing. Like, my heightened sense of smell is really heightened and makes me wanna gag the whole time. 
  4. All the cray cray mood swings. I’m moody to begin with so when I’m PMSing I feel all the moods coming. 
  5. Jealousy. End of Story.
In other news, we rescued a cat yesterday and named him Weasley. He’s a cute little White with Orange patches cat who we found at the gate. He was super weak and wasn’t eating but we got him to eat yesterday afternoon and now he seems fine–walks a bit and walks around now. Hope he gets even better in time. 
So yeah, August is almost over. Super ready for September! 🙂