Cass and Jin Eats: Cheezy Bacon Mushroom + Ultimate Burger Steak

Cheezy Bacon Mushroom Box (tee-hee) P165 with Fries and Coke

Hello you guys. Just a quick update. So, yesterday, I was pretty happy because my favorite Cheezy Bacon Mushroom is back and in Champ form! yay! and okay, okay, I should’ve taken a picture but I was so excited that I ate it right away and I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to see my clumsily half-eaten burger so might as well just take a photo of the box. Anyway, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a photo from Jolibee:

It’s P120 ala carte, and P165 with Fries and drinks. Add P95 and you get to have a 1GB Thor Collectible Flash disk!
I really loved how nice the fact that the bacon was not too salty and that it blended well with the cheese. Plus, the mushrooms were perfection. What can I say? This comfort food is perfection.
Anyway, my guy tried Jolibee’s Ultimate Burger Meal and it’s here:

Ultimate Burger Meal. P119 with free Coke Go Large!

At P119, you get good value for your money because it comes with rice, fries an egg and you can even upsize your drink for free! Truly one yum-yum experience! ❤