Rita Cosby – Blonde Ambition–Book Review

Title: Blonde Ambition
Author: Rita Cosby

First book I finished reading this 2014! yay! 🙂

This is the untold story of the events that led up to Anna Nicole Smith’s death in 2007. As a Pop-Culture geek, and some sort of a fatalist, when I came across this book, I realized that I really had to buy it because I always like getting an inside look regarding these mysterious Hollywood Deaths. 

Anna Nicole’s death affected me in such a way that back then, it really opened up my mind to what drugs can do to someone. She was trying to get her life back, but people around her were vicious, and yes, she really fell into the perils that greed, loneliness and despair can bring. 

This book was written well and is a fast-paced read. I barely like non-fictional books because they bore me but this one was very effective. It was written with the help a series of investigations, and is something that will help you understand what happened to Anna Nicole Smith. It’s shocking, it’s poignant, and it’s albeit disturbing, but worth reading.

Whether or not you were a fan of the deceased model, this book is worth spending your time on.