New Adult Quick Reads 1: Say That Things Change – Book Review

Say That Things Change
New Adult Quick Reads 1: Say That Things Change
Jhing Bautista, Jonnalyn Cabigting, Katherine C. Eustaquio-Derla, Leng de Chavez, Rachelle Belaro, Rayne Mariano, and Mina V. Esguerra)New Adult is an emerging literature category that focuses on themes of discovery and independence for characters in college to their mid-twenties.

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First up, if you’re looking for a fun, kilig and quick read, (or I should say, “Reads”, as there are a couple of different stories here), THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! And I am not kidding–it totally is. And, get this: Most of the stories are in Tagalog, so if you’re the type who has no time or patience to read heavy English reads, you can try this baby out. 

Actually, at first, I was like, “Ayy tagalog yung iba”, because with the exception of Bob Ong, I have not really tried reading tagalog novels/stories, especially those that are all the rage right now. Not that I’m judging, it’s just not my thing, but boy oh boy did I enjoy this one. 

First, you have Jhing Bautista’s Six Degrees of Separation and omg, I seriously posted this on Twitter, “Tagos talaga sya!” haha. The story was refreshing in such a way that it gives a voice to people who have loved and lost and have been crazy and heartbroken at some point in their lives. (You know we’ve all been there) I like the honesty of the story and the fact that two different points of view were used to show how each of the characters felt. It was so good, I swear.

And then there’s Jonalyn Cabigting’s Prince Charmee”. Ay My god, RIOT ITO. The title in itself already says so much about the story–so think what you want to think–but I’d have to say, I really enjoyed this one. It’s funny in all the right places and so kilig and cute, too. If you’re having a bad night or a bad week, read this. You’ll feel all the good vibes, definitely.

Next up is “Before I Do” by Katherine C. Eustaquio-Derla. This one was also quite enjoyable and refreshing. It was frank and honest and perfect for every woman out there who’s in a relationship that’s either stable or stale. It’s perfect for those who are in dire need of some thinking and decision making. What’s good is that the protagonist is not api-apihan. She’s fierce and she’s awesome–as each and every woman should be. 

“Everything Is In Line” by Leng de Chavez meanwhile is perfect for every person out there who’s connected to his or her mobile phone. I’m pretty sure teenagers or teens at heart can relate to this. Hashtag alam na. *wink* 

Rachelle Belaro’s Almost but not Quite”. Awww, With love comes surprises? Sure does. Those who have not tried being in a relationship–yet–will surely be able to relate to this. Plus, you’ll also be able to relate to it since well, we’ve all been there.

Rayne Mariano’s “Sharm’s Side” is about the fact that while you may feel like you are often in the sidelines, or that someone else is put in the limelight more than you are, it doesn’t mean that you will no longer get your time to shine–who knows? Sooner or later, you will be placed in the spotlight and who knows what happens? So, friend, di pa huli ang lahat! 

And last but definitely not the least, Mina V. Esguerra’s “My Muse Apollo 1: Creation Myths”. There’s always a magic that comes with stories revolving college. Mina has woven her magic wand once again with this one of a kind story about two people from opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s kilig, it’s lovely and it’s interesting. The perfect way to cap off such an entertaining book.
Say That Things Change is a reminder that women these days are strong–and are totally worth loving. 
Bravo to this!