Missing Gossip Girl: Reasons why I miss this show

I have no idea why but these past couple of days, I’ve been missing Gossip Girl like crazy. Sure it was whack after the first two seasons but AHHHH just the feeling of watching it each week, wanting to know who Gossip Girl was and maybe I miss who I was back then and whatever. Anyway, here are the reasons why I miss this show:


Just like its predecessor, The OC, GG has some of the best music moments ever. Like, this one between Chuck and Blair, for instance, where I first heard Lana del Rey’s Video Games back in 2011.

or, this one with Foxes’ Youth

or, this one with Taylor Momsen before she decided to go dark…

2. The Fact that Blair Waldorf made eating Macarons look so sexy

3. The Fashion
Admit it. You wanted those clothes, too.

4. The Unbelievably Crazy Storylines

Remember that time when Serena found out that her mom used to date one of her boyfriends way back in the day? YIKES. Or, when Chuck flew to Europe just to get Blair Wolford Stockings and some Macarons? Or, when Dan apparently got Georgina pregnant? Oh, and when Dan actually turned out to be Gossip Girl?

But admit it, it’s one of those things that made the show CRAAAAAAAZY GOOD. (Maybe more crazy than good but…)

5. The Ships you Shipped

I was a hardcore #Derena and #Chair Shipper. (But I loved the friendship between Serena and Chuck and yeah well, Dan and Blair)

6.  and of course, GOSSIP GIRL…and her quotable quotes.
I lived each week for those quotes.
Ah, well, maybe I should do a GG Marathon soon…Xoxo