14 Books for 2014

I have a confession to make: After reading over a hundred books by July, I’ve pretty much slowed down on reading the last couple of months this year (boo, I know).
I learned that it’s actually my anxiety that caused me to have such short attention span. There were days when I’d start reading a new book and I’d end up not finishing it at all. There are also a couple of books in my shelves that I haven’t gotten to read yet–and that never really happened before, at least not because I was lazy. And well, I’ve also been busy with work, like a lot, coz I enjoy it and I know that’s not an excuse to be such a lazy reader, but yeah, well, things happen.
Anyway, that does not mean that I don’t read anymore. Of course it doesn’t. It’s just that I’m currently only reading short ones and all these articles, but I’ll get back my “I can read extremely long books with no problem whatsoever” groove soon. And besides, I was able to read  (insert number here) this year so that’s not bad.
(side note: as of now, I’m reading Pretty Little Liars: Vicious, so yeah, there’s some progress right there… ^^)
That said, here are my favorite books of 2014. (14 for 2014!). (I know it’s early but before I hibernate again and get sucked up in all these things, let me do this now) Some of these were published this year, some weren’t, but the point is that I read them all these year. And ta-daaaa, here they are:

 Oh my god, this one is really, really good. I couldn’t count the number of times that I read this in the past couple of months. It’s a weird but good bedtime story (at least for me hihihi). I like how it’s not just about the horror, but how it incorporated some elements of weird romances, plus a whole lot of pain and craziness into it. And I LOVE the characters. Each of them had their own unique traits, even if most of them were downright crazy. Celeste stood out from the pack, in my opinion, She’s just different, and assertive, and deep–and I really like her.

The Descendants
 I’ve seen the movie years ago and it became one of my favorites and when I read the book, I realized how great they both were and it’s just really amazing. I like how realistic this story is and the way it was written was just on point. 
 This Star Won't Go Out: The Life and Words of Esther Grace Earl 
 This one’s really special and it’s one of those stories that will stay with me forever. It’s not just a story–it’s a real story. Reading Esther’s thoughts, seeing some of her drawings, and just feeling like you know her–even for just a while–is just something else. Most importantly, you’d realize how big her heart was and how much she loved–and is loved. Even my guy is touched by this one–we love it to pieces. Oh and it’s Goodreads’ Best Memoir/Autobiography for 2014, too, yay!!!

We Were Liars
Oh man, this book broke my heart in more ways than one. It’s just on a league of its own and you’d definitely feel for the characters. Plus, you’d also get to think about why things are that way, or how events in the story came to be And once you get to the end, your brain will just be rattled and you’ll probably say “Why oh why”, or “NOOOOOO!” and that’s the reason why this book rocks, for me. Oh, and it also won a Goodreads Choice Award for best Young Adult Fiction! Woot!
The Heiresses
 It’s like, this adult version of Pretty Little Liars (which I am obviously obsessed with) but it also has different elements to it. Plus, the characters feel so real and you kind of wish that you live in their world (but not be part of the whole fiasco lol)
The Kitchen When it Sizzles
 This is one of those books that just made me want to read again after being lazy. It’s beautiful and sexy in all the right places plus it would really make you feel “Kilig”–and to me, that’s kind of a mark of an effective love story: when you feel “kilig” and want to be part of the story yourself.
Landline by Rainbow Rowell
 Ah, Rainbow Rowell is a gem, isn’t she? I like this novel primarily because it deals with the harsh realities of love and relationships. I like how it makes you think about what you have in life, and why things work out or why they don’t. It’s not your usual mushy love story, but it’s great because it’s more realistic than fictional and that’s really good. And this is also Goodreads’ Best Fiction for 2014!!!
Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon  
This is also another book that I read over and over again–and it’s in Tagalog! Hooray! It’s one of those local books that I’m truly proud of coz it’s so good. You have this average guy as the hero and it’s written in a real world perspective which makes you think that “hey, what if that really happens?” and the thought will probably scare you. 
The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike, #2)
Can JKR do anything wrong? No, absolutely not. I like Cuckoo’s Calling better, though, but this one is also great because you learn a lot from it. PLUS CORMOROBIN!!!! You can’t go wrong with that. 
Heat of the Moment  
This story is special to me and even if I didn’t know it from the beginning, I’d still say that it’s amazing. Really will make you “kilig” plus if you’re looking for a story that’s steamy and classy but will just really make you want to read more, I’d say you do have to read this one. 
While this one may not really happen in real life, you still wouldn’t help but feel “kilig” over what goes on in it. And sometimes, that makes a story great, too: when you know that something may be impossible but you still put some hope into it.
This is seriously one of the cutest, most romantic, and “kilig” books that I read this year–and possibly for all time. It’s simple, it’s not trying to be deep and all that stuff, but you’ll love it because of that. And my friend Alyssa and I have fangirled over this over and over and over…hihi
The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales  
Because why not? I found a great copy this year and I instantly bought it. It’s nice to read all those fairy tales again, though some of them were really weird. Like Cat Skin! Oh my god, I can’t even.
The Geography of You and Me
 I think I read this one in one sitting because it’s just sooooo “kilig” and though it’ll also break your heart, it’s a story that’s just pretty realistic, too, so that makes it one of the best love stories ever.
So, that’s it. Here’s to more years of reading (and hopefully, I’ll get back to my reading streak in full force soon). Xx