The dresses I want to wear

So, this year has been a great year for fashion (I’d put up my favorite style icons in another post) and I’ve seen all these AMAZING dresses that I seriously want to pull out of the screen and just wear because they’d make me feel like a queen (Okay, I’ll shut up now)…but anyway, I want to share them with you because…well, why not?

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Paolo Sebastian, F/W 2015          
Look at that! Just look at that. Those details are insane and yeah, it’s kinda risque, but damn it’s sooooo lovely ❤
Paolo Sebastian, F/W 2015  
 ^this is gorgeous and intricate and just everything great and amazing. 
elie saab s/s 2014    
Ahhh black is so divine and so gorgeous. I really like the one on the right. So lovely!
ZUHAIR MURAD Fall/Winter Bridal Collection 2015  
 I’ve always had a thing for lace. This is beautiful.
Zuhair Murad Pre Fall 2014 Collection      
 I’m a really small girl so I either do dresses with short hemlines, or maxi ones. Neve rmid-length. And this short one is soooo lovely! ❤
Persephone by Lyrota           
Just look at that.
Ellie Saab
 Queen Elsa feels, eh?
elie saab s/s 2011    

Christmas gifts, anyone? Lol jk. I wish I may, wish I might, wear these dresses, someday, at night. Toodles! 🙂