Let’s talk GOOSEBUMPS: 10 Things I Loved About The Movie


So…yesterday, I finally saw #GoosebumpstheMovie as it started showing here, and I have to say something: it’s pretty much what I needed after the crappy morning I had yesterday. (A cat dying, especially when it basically JUST HAPPENS OUT OF THE BLUE is not the easiest thing in the world. Still can’t deal with it much.) This may be a bit spoilery, so read at your own risk.

You see, I’ve been an avid reader of Goosebumps for years so I was really stoked to see the movie. Then I saw the trailer months back and was like, ugh, it doesn’t look too good, but I still decided to see it because hey, why not? And well, it’s like an homage to the 90s so…

Well, thankfully I did because it proved to be something good. It started a little rocky, but when it got good, it got really good! (Note: It is a Children’s Movie, so don’t expect anything overtly deep or whatever, but it IS GOOD. Also, if you’ve read Goosebumps you definitely have to see this, and you probably already know how RL Stine works—who, by the way, also wrote the screenplay for the movie!)

Anyway, I was also glad because there were no know-it-all people at the theater who think they know everything about every book out there especially those before their time because it really would have made me flip out (lol). I don’t know anyone else there (except for my boyfriend who watched the movie with me), but you know, I actually felt surrounded by my people. (Except for that guy who keeps checking his phone and calling someone in the theater. SO ANNOYING.)

That said, here are the ten things I ultimately loved about the movie:

  1. SLAPPY THE DUMMY. He’s just always so mean and so rude and Jack Black voicing him (aside from playing the role of RL Stine) made him more entertaining to watch.


  1. The fact that you kind of see the monsters coming to life. It kind of brought back a lot of childhood memories, especially ones spent reading the books!
  2. Jack Black was on point. He always had good comic timing, and it’s good to see him play such a crazy character!
  3. It was quite funny. (The “Stephen King” jokes; Instagram, etc.)
  4. BLACK (HAHA. Watch the movie and you’d know what I mean!)
  5. Halston Sage, people. Didn’t actually know she was part of the cast until around 2 days before I saw the movie. rs_1024x602-150826131400-1024.halston-sage.cm.82515
  6. The Werewolf of Fever Swamp! That’s totally how I pictured him from the book + his obsession with citrusy things loltumblr_nrcbutsMJe1qci6iso2_500
  7. Actually, there was a part where I almost cried (told ya, I’m a movie crybaby). Because even if this is a Goosebumps movie, it actually had heart.
  8. The fact that it’s light. Sometimes, it’s good to see light movies especially when you’re not feeling good.

Oh, and please, please, please watch it all the way through. It’d be fun, I’m telling you. 😉