#FaeriesFavoriteMovies: 13 Going on 30


Hi, everyone! Decided to put up a new topic on the blog, and well, in this space, I’d just be talking about my favorite movies (aka an excuse to blog about Mark Ruffalo…I KID. Ok, only half-kidding lmao) and share my favorite quotes, scenes, songs, and everything else from them.

First up is one of my favorite movies of all time: 13 Going on 30

So this movie was released in 2004, if I’m not mistaken, and the first time I saw it was when I was such a troubled teen (eek) and since then, it has remained as one of my most beloved films.


Matty and Jenna looking so cute! (Trivia: Young Jenna was played by Christa B. Allen–aka Charlotte on “Revenge”)

So, it’s the story of Jenna Rink, this 13 year old awkward teen who wished to be 30 (THIRTY AND FLIRTY AND THRIVING!!!) and well, one day, she woke up and got her wish…but of course, there are consequences.

  1. She could not remember anything about her life
  2. She’s successful, but then she realized that she’s actually mean and messy and well, you know how we messed-up adults are
  3. She’s no longer friends with her best friend, Matt–and her friends now are all phony 😦

Love is a battlefield

So, one day, she looks for Matt–who’s now a grown-up Mark Ruffalo, and just tries to learn about her life more. She got everything she wanted–but then it just made her feel like nothing. And how many times have we felt that way in our lives, right?

She grows close to Matt again–and they share many great experiences together, even redesigning her magazine!


We have to remember what used to be good. If we don’t, we won’t be able to realize it–even if it hits us between the eyes.

Of course, there’s a catch: Matt is getting married *sobs* and Jenna is still such a mess–leading to my favorite song of all time, Billy Joel’s “Vienna”–watch/listen to it below:

And then there’s this…

You probably already know what happened, but if you don’t…Well, let’s just say it’s not the most logical movie (LOL) but it’s just so good and heartwarming and perfect.


“You don’t always get the dream house. But sometimes, you get pretty close.”

Well, Jenna got her dream house, of course, but the thing about this movie is that it really just warms your heart–and reminds you to go, chase for your dreams–and make sure those are what’s actually in your heart.

And you know, sometimes, we fall down—down, down, down–but sooner or later, we’ll get up…and find our place in this world.

Soundtrack Favorites:

  1. Billy Joel-Vienna
  2. Liz Phair-Why Can’t I
  3. Pat Benatar-Love is a Battlefield

That’s all for now! TTY soon! xx