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This is a Story about a Cat Named Miley….

This is a story about a cat named Miley who came to us last February She was always bright and cheery She liked her milk like anybody She was crazy, she was cuddly… Continue reading

The Miao Cat Cafe Experience

Hello, darlings! I feel like it’s been forever since I last posted here but anyway, I just wanted to share our Miao Cat Cafe Experience! So, we heard about this cat cafe a… Continue reading


You weren’t in our lives for so long,you only came like a songFinding you was crazy,so we named you Kitzy Kitzy, I miss you dearlyI can’t let go completelyKitzy, if only you’d come… Continue reading

Kitzy the Schizo Cat

One of last week’s biggest surprises is KITZY! Well, she’s a little furball of a kitten who my guy’s nephew brought to us. And well, she’s cray cray and cute and all that.This… Continue reading

On PMS and Rescued Cats and the end of the month

So so so I’ve been PMSing recently and it’s just so not cool. I really hate this time of the month. Let me elaborate the reasons why. For the past couple of months,… Continue reading

Rest easy, little cat.

Last night, one of our kittens, Tulpo died.He lived quite a short life (barely three months), but he sure made a mark in our lives. In my life.See, he was a sweet, mischievous,… Continue reading