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Because You Can Never Be Prepared Enough and He Has to Run Free

No matter how hard you try, you can never be prepared enough for death. You say you’re okay, say you’re fine, say it’s going to be fine, but there are some losses that… Continue reading

This Week’s Realizations

1. When you’re in your (ew) late 20’s, there may be times when you’d feel like…Shit, I am getting old and I am still THIS person. Sometimes, those thoughts hit you and will… Continue reading

Something New

“Are you pregnant?” Karen asked Emma, her best friend since kindergarten while at one of the uber-sophisticated, air-conditioned restrooms at Luna East. This one was at the fifth floor of the Arts building… Continue reading

Stay the Night: Sneak Peak + a little Collab surprise!

So, I told you guys last night that I’m working on something for #BuqoSteamyReads, right? Well, tonight I finally started working on it, and even came up with a title (Stay the Night)–which… Continue reading

Ending November

I can’t believe tomorrow’s the last day of November! This month seriously just came and went and it’s been busy, busy, busy but good, good, good. Of course, there were cray moments and… Continue reading

Some things that the first half of November taught me

1. It indeed is proving to be a very busy, busy month. But I like it. I like being productive. 2. Down times make me think too much. 3. I can eat Sampaloc… Continue reading

Hello November! (quick update)

The start of November seems to be good. I believe that it’s always good to start a month fresh; to start a month in the best possible way and to feel like you… Continue reading

Just a few things..

Turning 25 brought with it a couple of things–the realization that you really can no longer go back; the realization that you can do so much more; the realization that you can still… Continue reading

It’s the first of October and…

And it already proves to be a busy, busy day! But it’s okay. I like busy. Sometimes, I like this kind of busy because this kind of busy makes me feel productive and… Continue reading


Sometimes I tell myself not to crumble, not to fall.I tell myself to keep on holding myself up; not to fall back from grace; to stay still.Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes, I wish I… Continue reading