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#FaeriesFavoriteMovies: 13 Going on 30

Hi, everyone! Decided to put up a new topic on the blog, and well, in this space, I’d just be talking about my favorite movies (aka an excuse to blog about Mark Ruffalo…I… Continue reading

Favorite Quotes from “A SECOND CHANCE”

If you know me, you’d know Bea and John Lloyd is one of my favorite Pinoy loveteams (and believe me, there are only a few lol) and ONE MORE CHANCE is one of… Continue reading

Let’s talk GOOSEBUMPS: 10 Things I Loved About The Movie

So…yesterday, I finally saw #GoosebumpstheMovie as it started showing here, and I have to say something: it’s pretty much what I needed after the crappy morning I had yesterday. (A cat dying, especially… Continue reading

This Week’s Prompt: 50 Things about Me

Happy New Year, Darlings!My first blog post for this year shall be dedicated to writing about 50 Things About Me (because recently, I had a project about Writing Prompts so, why not use… Continue reading