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You Gotta Go and Love Yourself

A few days ago, I woke up not feeling quite myself. You know how there are days when you kind of nitpick everything you possibly could about yourself? Well, there I was, thinking… Continue reading

This is the New Year….

Happy 2nd Day of the Year, folks. (Let’s set the mood: Listen to THIS) It truly has been forever since I’ve last been here. 2017 was a mess. A hazy, but otherwise fun,… Continue reading

Life, Lately (04) + Bookish News!

It has seriously been forever since I last posted here but life has been craaaaazy. There are days when I’m just seriously exhausted and have no time for anything else, and when I… Continue reading

Hello #ChewytheDog + Life, Lately (03)

  Well, apart from the fact that I am still so exhausted, this week brought on a new surprise: Chewy the Dog! We were actually supposed to adopt another dog the past week,… Continue reading

Life Lately (02)

Well…this week has been quite something, huh? Let’s see…it started out nice—with lots of TV (since I don’t often watch TV “on TV”), and then there were three new kittens (who actually turned… Continue reading

Favorite Lyrics: Taylor Swift Edition

So…I’ve decided to make a new blog meme featuring my favorite lyrics from songs of certain artists–without actually naming the songs they’re from! Why not? It would be fun! Feel free to do… Continue reading

The Ultimate Book Tag

I’d take a cue from fellow author and blogger Susanne Valenti and just take a tag from the universe. Feel free to do the same! 1. Do you get sick while reading in… Continue reading

26 Things I Learned about Life

Dreams do come true! This year, I have published some novellas (The Path of Us, Stormy Hollow), and am working on my 3rd novella (a crime fiction one). This blog even got nominated… Continue reading

#GettoKnowCassie Pop Quiz 2: 66 Questions

84 Questions 1.       Put your music player of choice on shuffle and list the first 10 songs: Ø  Lana Del Rey – West Coast Ø  Sara Bareilles – City Ø  Leighton Meester –… Continue reading

#GettoKnowCassie PopQuiz1: Favorites

Hello darlings!Sooooooooo….I haven’t really been reading a lot of books lately (and err, haven’t been reviewing much, too) but I’ve been doing a lot of writing (soooooon, you’d learn more about them!) and… Continue reading