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Every week she cries After watching her favorite show, she cries And mostly, it’s because she remembers you And then she cries again because she does not even know you For most of… Continue reading

Every Beautiful Thing

Not everything is beautiful, Not at first glance But everything—even the littlest thing—has beauty Beauty you’d choose to see Beauty you can uphold Beautiful is a smile that breaks through the tears; Beautiful… Continue reading

Amazing is When…

Amazing is when the world is dull, but you still choose to see color Amazing is when everything is wrong, but one right is enough to keep you going on Amazing is when… Continue reading

This is a Story about a Cat Named Miley….

This is a story about a cat named Miley who came to us last February She was always bright and cheery She liked her milk like anybody She was crazy, she was cuddly… Continue reading

Guest Post: "Mga Tiyanak Kahit sa Aking mga Tula" ni Edgar Calabia Samar

May Tiyanak Kahit sa Aking mga Tula Ni Edgar Calabia Samar Bago pa man ako nagsulat ng mga nobela, mas nauna akong nalubog sa pagsusulat ng tula. Sa mga tula ko unang pinag-isipan… Continue reading


You weren’t in our lives for so long,you only came like a songFinding you was crazy,so we named you Kitzy Kitzy, I miss you dearlyI can’t let go completelyKitzy, if only you’d come… Continue reading

Life. Death.

Death is not the absence of life. Death, is being alive, and not feeling that you are. Death is the loss of yourself; Death is when you no longer no who you are,… Continue reading