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76 Thoughts I Had While Watching ONCE UPON A TIME Season 5, Episode 1

Finally! I waited 10,000 years for this! Haha little Emma is being bad at the movies Wait, who is that? What? WHOA So that’s where that came from WOW AH DARK SWAN Jennifer… Continue reading

October, Baby: 25 songs from The OC — Birthday Countdown List #1

Alas, it’s October–my favorite month of the year! weeee. Why? Well, for the simple reason that it’s my birthday month (LOL, sooo childish!), but really, I’ve always loved October.  I like October Weather;… Continue reading

You don’t love the Crazy, Sullen Girl (Looking for Alaska FEEEEELS)

Hi darlings!So this week brought forth a news that really made me giddy with joy–and, well, kind of scared at the same time. LOOKING FOR ALASKA is gonna be turned into a movie!!!… Continue reading

Between who you are and who you could be Switchfoot – Dare you to Move “Welcome to the falloutWelcome to resistanceThe tension is hereTension is hereBetween who you are and who you could beBetween how it is and how it should… Continue reading

Work in Progress

Will start working on my #BuqoSteamyReads story this week! (If you’re wondering what #BuqoSteamyReads is, it’s an online class headed by the awesome Miss Mina V. Esguerra. You can read more about it… Continue reading

Ending November

I can’t believe tomorrow’s the last day of November! This month seriously just came and went and it’s been busy, busy, busy but good, good, good. Of course, there were cray moments and… Continue reading

Just a few things..

Turning 25 brought with it a couple of things–the realization that you really can no longer go back; the realization that you can do so much more; the realization that you can still… Continue reading

In Countenance

In 4 days, I’ll be older. Maybe, none the wiser but older. Big, old 25. Definitely in my quarter-life now. Funny, isn’t it? When you’re young, you feel like when you turn 25,… Continue reading

Filipino Friday: What Kind of Reader Are You?

  What Kind of Reader Am I? Well, based on this infographic, let’s see… Please include attribution to Laura E. Kelly with this graphic. (Click to view at original large size.)Visit for… Continue reading

We used to be friends

I can easily associate books with old friends. I don’t know why I’m writing this. It’s just that…While I was reading “A Treacherous Love” and saw the ad for “It Happened to Nancy”… Continue reading