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Goodbye 2-0-1-3

This year was great, crazy, and all kinds of things. It was thought-provoking; it was a big change; it was a big leap from who I once was into the person I am… Continue reading

Hello November! (quick update)

The start of November seems to be good. I believe that it’s always good to start a month fresh; to start a month in the best possible way and to feel like you… Continue reading

Some shut eye please

One of my biggest frustrations in life is that I never really get enough sleep. I may lie in bed for a long time, but I just can’t sleep straight, if you know… Continue reading


Fourteen months.426 days.10,226 hours. Our love.You.I.It’s big.It’s complicated.It’s fragile.Too many details. There are too many details. Fractions of us.You, Me.This love.It’s bigger than us. Bigger than the sum of our parts. Some days… Continue reading