Because she’s turning 18 (time so flies!) and she’s one great girl… I can still remember that Sunday three years ago when Kharlene and I first bonded over Twitter. We talked about Adam… Continue reading


Rab is the kind of friend whom I’m blessed to have. He’s smart, and witty, and funny and loves Urbandic (hahaha) and you know, sometimes you need friends who are good conversationalists, who… Continue reading


Gino “Eristic: You have to ask yourself: Are the two of us defined by when we get along, or when we fight?” David Levithan (Well, well, you prompted me to write so…haha :P)… Continue reading

100 Names.

So, recently I read Cecelia Ahern’s “100 Names”, a book that tells about the story of Kitty, and her mentor, Constance, who when she died, left out a list of “100 Names” for… Continue reading

Rest easy, little cat.

Last night, one of our kittens, Tulpo died.He lived quite a short life (barely three months), but he sure made a mark in our lives. In my life.See, he was a sweet, mischievous,… Continue reading

Some shut eye please

One of my biggest frustrations in life is that I never really get enough sleep. I may lie in bed for a long time, but I just can’t sleep straight, if you know… Continue reading


Fourteen months.426 days.10,226 hours. Our love.You.I.It’s big.It’s complicated.It’s fragile.Too many details. There are too many details. Fractions of us.You, Me.This love.It’s bigger than us. Bigger than the sum of our parts. Some days… Continue reading

Just a survey…(I’m obviously bored, thank you)

1. Are you satisfied with the way your life is right now? Not really 2. Do you drink enough water? Not really 3. When was the last time you ate at Burger King?… Continue reading

Life. Death.

Death is not the absence of life. Death, is being alive, and not feeling that you are. Death is the loss of yourself; Death is when you no longer no who you are,… Continue reading

Anxious. Sundays are not my thing, really…

So yesterday He and I went to Antipolo and visited my brothers. It was quite a nice afternoon, and I just had to take a picture of the Antipolo skyline and those flowers… Continue reading