Don’t Forget the Parsley: Review + Interview with Marie Claire Lim-Moore + GIVEAWAY!

Hi darlings! It’s February and I know I haven’t been doing loads of reviews lately, but here’s one that I really wanted to read. So today, I’m bringing you a review of Marie… Continue reading

A New Day | Another Day

You open your eyes to a new day and realize it’s probably another version of your day yesterday. You have the same job, you have to do what you have to do, and… Continue reading

Old Friends

You look at that old album, one that has not been opened in years, one which contents you thought have gotten out of your grasp; out of your memory. In reality, they’re still… Continue reading

Counting On

She looked around quickly, to see if anything had been taken. Dark clouds enveloped her; everything was hazy. She was confused. She looked around and saw everything was being taken away–every part of… Continue reading

Hello #ChewytheDog + Life, Lately (03)

  Well, apart from the fact that I am still so exhausted, this week brought on a new surprise: Chewy the Dog! We were actually supposed to adopt another dog the past week,… Continue reading

Life Lately (02)

Well…this week has been quite something, huh? Let’s see…it started out nice—with lots of TV (since I don’t often watch TV “on TV”), and then there were three new kittens (who actually turned… Continue reading

Be Young, Flawless, and Free with Celeteque Dermocosmetics!

What does it take to be young and flawless? When it comes to your looks, there is nothing worse than having dry, flaky skin. Sure, you may not have the best clothes, or… Continue reading

Glorious Blossoms: Experiencing the Cherry Blossom Festival in Fukuoka with Cebu Pacific!

Magical. Enchanting. Truly a sight to behold. Those are just some of the words that you yourself would utter upon seeing the wondrous Sakura—also known as Cherry Blossoms—in Fukuoka, Japan! A historic and… Continue reading

Every Beautiful Thing

Not everything is beautiful, Not at first glance But everything—even the littlest thing—has beauty Beauty you’d choose to see Beauty you can uphold Beautiful is a smile that breaks through the tears; Beautiful… Continue reading

Amazing is When…

Amazing is when the world is dull, but you still choose to see color Amazing is when everything is wrong, but one right is enough to keep you going on Amazing is when… Continue reading